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The Top 10 Bitcoin Music Videos of 2014

The year-end price of bitcoin might be down but the creativity of bitcoiners in 2014 has been off the charts! To celebrate the start of 2015 here’s the Top 10 Bitcoin Music Videos of 2014 as voted by YOU the viewers of YouTube. You can also listen to the playlist here, Happy New Year! 10. […]

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Bittylicious – the Easiest Way to Sell Bitcoins

Bittylicious is well known as being one of the UK’s most popular bitcoin marketplaces, matching buyers with sellers and making the purchasing of bitcoins as quick and easy as possible. Until now if you wanted to sell bitcoins with Bittylicious you needed to go through a slow sign-up process which was really targeted at businesses […]

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BittyBot Now Lists all GBP Trading Bitcoin Exchanges

In August this year BittyBot added UK bitcoin exchanges to the site to make it easier for you to compare prices, trade volumes and fees alongside the existing prices quoted by bitcoin merchants and peer-to-peer marketplaces. This was driven primarily by the Isle of Man’s decision to support bitcoin businesses and more importantly Capital Treasury Services […]

Where To Spend Your Bitcoins

Where to Spend Your Bitcoins

One question everyone asks after they’ve bought bitcoins is where can I spend them? That’s something which Lewis Jackson, 24, from Newcastle upon Tyne wanted to address. With a background in software development for websites and web applications Lewis built Where to Spend Bitcoins UK from the ground up, creating a vital resource of around 300 UK retailers […]

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Turn Cash Into Bitcoin With ZipZap

We’ve just added ZipZap to BittyBot – the UK’s number one Bitcoin price comparison website. ZipZap are a California-based global payments network, currently providing cash-to-bitcoin services in the US, UK and Brazil. In the UK ZipZap have partnered with payment processor Payzone which means you can exchange your cash for bitcoin at over 20,000 retail […]