BittyBot Adds Developer API

BittyBot, the UK Bitcoin price comparison website has launched a simple API (Application Programming Interface) to allow developers easy access to our aggregated UK Bitcoin market data. We’ve had a few requests for this in the past, and in the community spirit of Bitcoin we wanted to open this up to developers to see what applications they can come up with. We’ve added three APIs, one for each of the different Bitcoin markets we monitor.

  1. Buy Bitcoins – UK Bitcoin sellers (Merchants and Marketplaces)
  2. Sell Bitcoins – UK Bitcoin buyers (Merchants and Marketplaces)
  3. UK Bitcoin Exchanges

BittyBot APIBittyBot’s market data is updated once every 5 minutes and we request that developers access our API no more that once per minute. For further details please check out our new API documentation page.

The API is public but please credit BittyBot where used and we’d also appreciate if you could email us to let us know about your application or if you have any questions or requests for enhancements.

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