Introducing Cryptopay

Introducing Cryptopay, the latest Bitcoin merchant to be listed on BittyBot, the UK Bitcoin price comparison website.

Cryptopay are UK-based and offer similar services to the likes of BitPay and Coinbase in the US to help businesses in the UK and Europe integrate Bitcoin into their payment systems. They allow businesses to convert payments directly into local fiat currency to avoid Bitcoin price volatility, or allow them to specify a percentage of Bitcoin to keep – you can even specify 100% Bitcoin if preferred.

Cryptopay | Bitcoin payment gatewayCryptopay charge retail and e-commerce businesses a 1% fee for this service. The recent announcement that BitPay has dropped its fees suggests that they now have the competitive edge, but if you take into account that Cryptopay allow businesses to withdraw fiat in such small amounts as £5, whereas BitPay have a minimum of £1000, this might make Cryptopay a more attractive option for small businesses with lower turnover.

As well as offering these convenient services for businesses, Cryptopay offer customers in the UK an easy way to buy or sell bitcoins at competitive prices. What’s more, if you visit Cryptopay via the links on the BittyBot website you’ll be credited an extra £5 when you sign up and purchase £100 worth of bitcoin.

Cryptopay were initially funded by the excellent equity crowdfunding website BankToTheFuture – you can view their original pitch in the video below.

Cryptopay are also listed on Trustpilot. Why not give them a review and share your experience?

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