Sell Bitcoin in the UK

Full list of merchants and marketplaces who buy bitcoin for British Pounds (GBP) and are currently active, ordered by price (highest first). These online markets are sometimes referred to as direct or OTC (Over The Counter) where trades are made peer-2-peer or via an intermediary.

Last updated: 6 mins ago.
MarketplaceBuyerRatingPayment TypePriceMin BTCMax BTC 
BisqcNhJS-7678b452...-Cash in Person£23,136.07฿0.01฿0.01Go to Site
CoinbaseCoinbase30Gift Card£22,790.75฿0.0004฿0.0439Go to Site
WirexWirex66UK Bank Transfer£22,453.11฿0.001฿2Go to Site
CoinbaseCoinbase30UK Bank Transfer£22,450.17฿0.0001฿0.0891Go to Site
SolidiSolidi96UK Bank Transfer£22,119.00฿0.0001฿0Go to Site
NetellerNeteller70Neteller£22,097.87฿0.0002฿0.0136Go to Site
CryptopayCryptopay78UK Bank Transfer£22,053.73฿0.0005฿0.4534Go to Site
SpectroCoinSpectroCoin86Int'l Bank Transfer£21,827.98฿0฿0.6872Go to Site
BisqOSRLI-764d00ae...-UK Bank Transfer£21,814.01฿0.01฿0.01Go to Site
BittyliciousBittylicious96UK Bank Transfer£21,745.28฿0.0023฿11.4967Go to Site
Bisq54194-18ee78cd...-UK Bank Transfer£21,398.30฿0.01฿0.02Go to Site
BisqDKNVKXBG-32f5c...-UK Bank Transfer£20,714.50฿0.1฿0.2Go to Site
BisqubyNh-d0fd8c77...-UK Bank Transfer£19,835.33฿0.03฿0.05Go to Site
BisqJD69T3D-e23856...-UK Bank Transfer£17,649.52฿0.01฿0.02Go to Site
BisqJKKTWQKM-8d890...-UK Bank Transfer£17,407.14฿0.02฿0.04Go to Site
BisqBBFWVAJC-ce48e...-UK Bank Transfer£16,547.80฿0.01฿0.02Go to Site
BisqJKCUXNCF-459f2...-UK Bank Transfer£15,250.00฿0.0069฿0.0069Go to Site
Bisq1210035-356618...-UK Bank Transfer£12,800.00฿0.0169฿0.0169Go to Site
Bisq15517830-596ca...-UK Bank Transfer£11,400.00฿0.0175฿0.0175Go to Site
BisqPSDDGH-942b795...-UK Bank Transfer£10,200.00฿0.0117฿0.0117Go to Site
BisqCYKVC-1e085467...-UK Bank Transfer£9,850.00฿0.0132฿0.0132Go to Site

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