The BitcoinAlert Project – “The Ultimate Buying and Selling Bitcoin Guide”


We want to tell you about an exciting new project that is currently being crowdfunded on the popular StartJOIN platform.

BitcoinAlert is a mobile app for both iPhone and Android which compares buy and sell prices, analyses historic data and sends alerts to inform you when it’s a good time or buy or sell bitcoins. It’s described by its creator as “the ultimate guide for everyone who is interested in buying or selling bitcoins”.

BitcoinAlert is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Ruben Miessen (20), based in Belgium. It started out as a University project over one year ago, Ruben built a proof of concept and also a platform that would allow users to compare bitcoin prices from many different vendor websites – sound familiar?

Since then Ruben has come up with a concept design for a mobile version of the application that would provide better functionality and more options. He’s planning to use BittyBot’s pubic API to get all of the bitcoin market price data, allowing him to focus on the new features.

BitcoinAlert will store historic price data and display it graphically to the user so they can see both daily price fluctuations as well as long term trends. The price data displayed will be relative to the local market currency as well as showing the global average.

This historic data will also be used for what we think is one of the most exciting features of this mobile app: the bitcoin alerts. Instead of having to configure complicated parameters and thresholds all you need to do is simply tell the app what type of investor you are; i.e. day trader, casual investor or long term investor.

Different analysis algorithms will be selected according to your investor profile, these will detect changes in market trends and alert you instantly via push notifications to your mobile.

The project is looking to raise €2,500 in crowdfunding to pay for the development of the app. You can pledge as little as €1 which will get you a free download of the app. Other rewards on offer include being credited in the app itself; a t-shirt, or a personalized 3D printed bitcoin with your name on it!

Ruben is also keen for the crowdfunding community to contribute their own ideas to the app, with rewards packages which allow for this, such as being able to decide on the app’s final name.

As you would expect you can pledge to this project using bitcoin as well as startcoin – the crowdfunding digital currency native to the StartJOIN platform.

If all goes to plan BitcoinAlert will launch in October this year. You can watch the project pitch below and for more information please check out the BitcoinAlert App project on StartJOIN.

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